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Turn On and Off all Buildings and Lighting
Each building has a gray electrical box on the same wall as entrance door.  Flip all switches on to turn on and off lights. Please turn off lights before you leave.  Last call and last song is 11pm.  Our permit for venue event ends at 12am. 
Cardboard, Glass and Greenery
Please leave all cardboard (including pizza boxes) outside the back bar on pallets or under roof in bar area.  Liquor bottles and other glass can be left in the bin outside back bar area, facing cornfield. 
Cans and Reception non-recyclables 
So much of the garbage from weddings is cans mixed with plates and plastics. We have designated waste receptacles for cans and have designated two for plates, plastics and food.  We ask that catering tins go in open garbage cans. 
Bathroom Trailer
 Water - The Bathroom Trailer water is fed from the well adjacent to the Trailer (wildflower area). The well pump should be in the upright position. No pumping needed. Its tempting to do but leave the pump handle in the upright position. If no water is going to the trailer it is because someone pushed it down. There are also levers at each hose coming out of the pump.  The bathroom runs off the white hose and the lever should remain straight running in the same direction as the hose. If is is turned sideways that lever cuts off the water to the hose. 

Toilet Keeps Running - If the toilet keeps running after flush. Place your toe back under the pedal and pull upwards. 

AC - Although there is AC units they should not be used. The trailer runs off the power at the bridal cottage. The bridal cottage typically has either heat or AC running.  Turning the trailer AC on will over load the circuits.  IF this happens Flip the breakers on the trailer off and on again.  The breaker is a gray box on the outside of trailer at the women's entrance door.   If this does not work the breaker box in the bridal cottage will need to be flipped off and on again. 
20220722_103123 (1).jpg
Picnic Umbrellas 
Solar - The picnic umbrellas have an on/off switch inside the umbrella on post. switch on for evening lighting.
Return to folded down position if storms occur and when leaving the venue. 
Ceremony Area and Evening Clean-up
Please return all chairs to the reception barn area.  The only thing we ask is that all waste and decor be cleaned up. No need to wipe down table tops or counter tops. No need to fold up chairs. We only ask that waste receptacles be pulled under cover for the evening so they are out of the wind and elements. 
Sliding Doors On Reception Barn
The door slide shut on the side of the reception barn that faces the ceremony area. The wagon wheels lay up against the doors to keep them from moving with the wind. 
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