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Terra Nue Living

At Terra Nue, we are committed to holistic living and helping create a more sustainable lifestyle. We started out as an organic farm and wedding venue, but now we are devoted to empowering people with knowledge about the healing power of herbs, the power of the spirit of gratitude and other holistic choices we can make!

Our holistic approach to living focuses on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Join us and discover how you can improve your life with our holistic approach.


Terra Nue Farm Retired Wedding Venue to Terra Nue Wedding/Event Consulting

Sue is a wedding venue consultant and the former owner of Terra Nue Wedding Venue. She is passionate about helping couples create beautiful and affordable weddings that reflect their unique personalities and values.

Sue started Terra Nue Wedding Venue with a dream and a hammer. She transformed an old farm into a rustic wedding oasis, using reclaimed lumber and repurposed materials. The venue was booked years in advance, and Sue became known for her affordable and eco-friendly wedding planning services.

In 2023, Sue retired Terra Nue Wedding Venue and launched her online wedding consulting business. She now helps couples who are seeking to host their own  "backyard" tent weddings or park weddings. She is also a mentor and consultant to other wedding venue owners and aspiring event venue entrepreneurs.

Sue believes that weddings should be a celebration of love, not a financial burden. She is committed to helping couples create weddings that are both beautiful and affordable. Book a consultation with her!  

Video Coming Soon

Video Vlog and Podcast coming in September on topics such as:

  • Wedding Wednesday - Everything Wedding Related

  • What is Terra Nue Living

  • Holistic Practices

  • Mindfulness Living

  • Sustainable Homes and Properties



Sustainable Living - Homes and Farms.

Vlog Coming Soon

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