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In 2023 an estimated 52% of engaged couples reported feeling stressed or overwhelmed during their wedding planning process. 

Welcome to Terra Nue - The Unwedding Movement where the Unwedding movement isn't a rejection of the wedding day; it's a reclamation. It's a call to break free from the wedding industry's financial and extravagant pressures and rediscover the true meaning of commitment. We are here to inspire simplicity, prioritize connection, and weave timeless traditions into celebrations that resonate with souls, not trends.

Join us in embracing cost-effective weddings through our online coordination, gain insights from our upcoming UNWEDDING podcast, and explore the power and support of personalized wedding coaching and consulting. Let's embark on this journey together—redefining weddings and creating meaningful moments that last a lifetime.

 Coaching for a Soul-filled Celebration

Hi I'm Susan, The Soul Relationship Coach and Founder of Terra Nue Weddings.


Your wedding shouldn't be a battlefield of expectations and financial burdens. Ditch the stress, the conflict, and the feeling of just going through the motions. I help empower couples to reclaim their joy, navigate family dynamics and by pass societal pressure by shifting their mindset through my ELEVATE Coaching Program, leaving stress behind and love at the forefront.

 I'll coach you through every decision, conflict, and curveball, ensuring your journey reflects your love, not societal expectations.


Embrace meaningful traditions, prioritize genuine connection, and create a celebration that reflects you. not the Kardashians.                                                                     


Breathe. Connect. Celebrate. Unwedding.

Remember, your dream wedding doesn't have to be out of a magazine. It just needs to be yours. Let's make it happen.

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Terra Nue Wedding 2019

Susan Loren

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Feeling lost in the wedding whirlwind? Drowning in decisions, expectations, or even...bougie pressure?

The Unwedding movement offers a haven, but this journey isn't about one-size-fits-all. Whether you crave soulful simplicity or are feeling burdened and stressed with the expectations of and extravagant celebration, I'm your guide and coach.

As a Soul Relationship Coach and Unwedding expert, I stand by your side, judgement-free. We navigate the rollercoaster of emotions, from family tensions to budget constraints or budgets that left room long ago. 

Together, we can stay centered on why you are coming together for a lifetime union.

For some, that means reclaiming the essence: soulful moments, lasting memories, and authentic connection without the extravagant expectations. 

For others, it means navigating the complexities of a larger celebration that has outside pressure to "out-do" the last wedding. I'll help empower you to make intentional choices, manage expectations, and prioritize what truly matters amidst the pressure to sparkle. 

Say goodbye to emotional stress, regardless of your vision. My personalized approach, honed through 300+ on-location weddings, equips you with the tools to navigate decisions, resolve conflicts, and celebrate your union authentically.

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Taylor Conners, WI

“The one where you ask your best friends for opinions and advice and feel like you are having the wedding of their dreams. Susan helped guide me through untangling the decisions without damaging my friendships and so much more. So happy I the personal coach route "

Morgan Atwell, MN

"I was reluctant to hire a wedding coach... so much money going out but so happy i did because I actually saved money by having Susan in my court, helping me sift through all the decisions, money spending traps and unfortunate drama moments. She is practical, easy going, non-judgemental and knows DIY Weddings.    "

Karen Driver, FL

“Susan group coached both my daughter and I on her wedding and I know it made all the difference in the world.  I've planned a wedding once before for my oldest daughter and we had a very rough time emotionally and decision wise. Susan created a space where we felt free to express or concerns and difference that lead us feeling like a team instead opponents.”

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Thanks for contacting me! I can't wait to talk with you answer questions and see if I'm the right coach for you. Please give me up to 24 hours to respond.

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