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Coming Spring 2024

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Dive deeper into the Terra Nue Unwedding Movement and unlock the secrets to a joyful, soul-filled wedding journey. Whether you're seeking personalized coaching or simply craving inspiration, explore my Unwedding Coaching and Consulting programs and tune into the podcast, Terra Nue Weddings, where we delve into meaningful traditions, navigate family dynamics, and celebrate authentic love stories. 

Join the Unwedding Movement

Join the Unwedding Movement, our mission is to revive the timeless traditions that made weddings truly special, transcending cultural boundaries. Over the years, the essence of weddings has been overshadowed by excess, extravagant expenses, and superficiality. We believe in reclaiming the authenticity and soulful elements that characterized weddings a century ago. It's a call to strip away the unnecessary frills, embracing the simplicity that allows the unique bonds of love to take center stage. By rejecting unnecessary extravagance, we invite you to join a movement that brings back the profound beauty of meaningful ceremonies, connecting couples to traditions that have stood the test of time. The Unwedding movement is a journey back to the heart of weddings, where the focus is on the soulful and significant moments that create lasting memories

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