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     PREO Stick 10ml
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The PREO Stick (Pain Relieving Essential Oil) made at Terra Nue Farm uses peppermint oil for muscle pain relief as the main ingredient.  If you have sore muscles after a hiking trip or a long day at work or have suffered a sports muscle injury, menthol and other essential oils have the ability to relax muscles, relieve inflammation and provide numbing, cooling pain relief as well as circulation to torn ligaments. Additional essential oils are also added for a rounded approach to many muscle, ligaments and bone on bone issues. Peppermint Oil is the base, Black Pepper, Bay leaf, Rosemary and small doses of Turmeric, Ginger and two additional oils. There is more essential oils in one bottle than any other oil remedy.  *Allow 2 - 5 day's for delivery.


Remember less is more, a little goes a long way.

  • Do not use if pregnant.

  • Children under 12 should not use essential oils.

  • Apply a small amount to wrist or ankle to check for allergic skin reaction before applying to effected area.

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